'Lopping Off Heads'

(graphic video) July 2015: Islamic State (ISIS/L) Child Execution of a Pilot—so-called ‘Spy’

5:45 "wounds equal[ bomb ] for [ well, ]equal [ bullet ]" 5:51, 2:(190-)194 "… And one who attacketh you, attack him in like manner as he attacked you", 16:126, 4:89 "… SLAY them ('reject [True]faith') wherever ye find them" and for "make mischief[i.e. 'reject Allah' 16:88, 7:103] in the land" 5:33

[ word for word the true revelation of Allah 10:37, 36:69-70, 40:2 45:2, 46:2 ]

8:17 "It is not ye who SLEW them (DISbelievers); it was Allah … He might TEST the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself", 5:48 "… but (His plan is) to TEST you"

(graphic video) Message to Egypt

(graphic video) 'Blood for Blood'


Islamic State, misundertanders of the 'religion' of peace™

4:76 "Those who BELIEVE fight in the cause of Allah (world domination : 61:4-13, 2:190-4, 8:39, 9:33 '… to PREvail over ALL religion[systems]'), and those who REJECT Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan."

2:104 "… And for the DISbelievers is a painful punishment."



is rooted in the Qur'an. The Muslim holy book says STRAIGHTFORWARDLY, "When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks" (47:4).

… realize that the Islamic State is acting IN FIDELITY with the Qur'an.

… The beheading videos also "strike TERROR into the hearts of the enemies [i.e. DISbelievers 8:59, 4:101] of Allah" — another Qur'anic imperative (8:60). …'

Allah, the coward sadist & beast

— Q. 10:4 “… draughts of boiling fluids… because they did R E J E C T Him.”

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