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"Understanding Muhammad" by Ali Sina, "The Legacy of the Narcissist"
Page 67 "... For the narcissist, all that matters is to win. They have no conscience. For them, lives of other humans are cheap.

In 1940, Hitler, at the age of 51, became aware of a tremor in his left hand. He usually hid it by keeping his left-hand in his pocket, by holding an object, or by cupping his right hand over his left. As the disease advanced, he stayed away from the public. He realized his death was approaching. He became more resolute, launching his attacks with a renewed sense of urgency, knowing he was in a race against time. The narcissist wants to leave a legacy.

         It is a mistake to think of Islam as a religion. The religious/spiritual aspect of Islam was created later by Mulsim philosophers and mystics who gave esoteric interpretations to Muhammad's asinine words. His followers molded the religion according to their penchant, and with the passage of time, those interpretations inherited the seal of antiquity and thus credibility.

         If Islam is a religion, then so were Nazism, communism, Satanism, Heaven's Gate, People's Temple, Branch Davidian, etc.

         If we think of religion as a philosophy of life to educate, to bring forth human potential, to elevate the soul, to stimulate spirituality, to unite hearts and to enlighten mankind, then Islam surely fails that litmus test completely. Therefore, by this measure, Islam should not and cannot be regarded as a religion ..."

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