Understanding Muhammad
[...] Time is running out. If Isalm is not defeated fast, we will be facing a future that will make the horrors of World War II look likes child's play.

         Islam is an epidemic of mental illness bequeathed from one man to his entire followers. This psychosis attaching itself to "God" makes the most vicious threat against humanity that we have ever seen. Failure to see that threat and stop it soon, can result in the greatest calamity mankind has ever seen.

–0:25 min (#9 latest political dictated Medina jihadi chapter,
9:29 is the essence of Islamic teaching:
) ... holy option to (1.) convertion to Islam, (2.) subjection by Islam (pay jizyah, and live as dhimmis under Islamic rule; only for Jews & Chirstians for "corrupting" the Bible), or (3.) death at the hand of Islam

–0:12 “…sometimes in life
you have to take sides and make a stand!”

Where Are We Headed? (Exerpts)

Muslim try to be like Muahammad in every way. The Mullahs study for years to learn their Prophet's sunnah (the way he lived), and then teach that to believers, who in turn, do their best to emulate him. Through the sunnah Muslims learn how Muhammad performed prayers, washed his face, hands and feet. They learn how he cleaned his teeth, nose and ears. They want to know how he ate, which fingers he licked after eating, which foods he liked or disliked, how he slept, dressed, and what was the shape and material of his clothing. How long was his beard? Did he perform ablution before going to his wivers or after? With which foot did he enter the toilet? standing or squatting?

          [...] Muslims' thoughts reflect those of Muhammad and their actions mirror his. The moment one becomes a Muslim, one stops thinking. Muslims have lost their selfhood and have become clones of Muhammad. It is a fallacy to say Muslims are a diverse group of people. They are all mini replicas of their prophet. They differ in degree - some emulate him more and some less. This determines their level of violence. In essence all Muslims have the same mindset, values and attitude. There are also good people who call themselves Muslims. They are often denounced by real Muslims as hypocrites. These "soft" Muslims actually make up the bulk of the umma, but their voices are


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Ripples and Effects
often silenced because they find no support for their views in the Qur'an. In words they are moderates but in practice they sheepishly trail behind the zealot minority. In other words, the tail wags the dog.

         The so called moderate Muslims are indeed hypocrites. If they do not believe in the violence preached in the Qur'an, why do they call themselves Muslims? (Allah: 33:23, 24 "...and punish the Hypocrites") Why do they NOT leave Islam (reason: 'kill them' how? -> [1st]hadith 794) and end this cycle of hate and violence? They are not innocent. They are guilty of compliance. They are silent accomplices of their jihadi co-religionists. These Muslims are ignorant of true Islam, but ignorance is not an excuse. Their adherence to Islam boosts the morale of the real Muslims who go about doing what Muhammad did, become terrorists, kill innocent people and try to take over the world by force.


         Non-Muslims are guilty of naivety. They are the ones who inflame extremism when they validate Islam as a legitimate religion. They have allowed unrestricted propagation of this nefarious cult in their countries, unaware of what Islam really is. Islam does not recognize any other religion or system as legitimate. Wherever it comes to power, it abolishes all human rights.

         Muslim immigrants are flooding Western countries with the intent of taking over these lands. Shortsighted, unsrupulous politicans bend over backwards to appease them and praise Islam as a "religion of peace" to vie for


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Understanding Muhammad
their votes. Some have gone so far as to pass "blasphemy 9:12 laws" (key ayah)5:48 in order to ban criticism of Islam.


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Ripples and Effects

          [...] Hence, it is the duty of politicans to fight it. Our politicans have a moral obligation to oppose any totalitarian ideology that threatens our democracy, whether it is Nazism, fascism, communism or Islam. Fighting against Islam must become the priority of every statesman. Islam is politics; its religious aspect is only pretence. [...]

          [...] Yet all one has to do to see this threat is to listen what Muslims say. Listen carefully to their slogans during their angry protests. Read their placards. They are the writings on the wall. Freedom has never been so vulnerably to attack as it is today.

         Freedom does not come free. Westerners enjoy freedom because their forefathers fought Islamic aggressions. Had they been defeated, the Europe of today would have been just as dystopian a land as are the Middle East and the rest of the Islam infested world. They had two revolutions, one in America and


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Understanding Muhammad
the other in Europe and they fought in two world wars to gain their freedom. War is not pleasant but liberty has to be gained, sometimes through warfare.

         Today, the jihadis are back with a vengeance; this time under the guise of immigrants and economic refugees. Muslim immigration is the Islamic Trojan horse. If Westerners do not detect this threat in time, they stand to lose everything. The danger is real and time is running out.

We have three alternatives before us:

Do nothing and let Muslims take over countries through immigration and demographic explosion [...]

The second alternative is to fight them now before they become stronger. This means mass deportation and even civil war [...]


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Ripples and Effects
On Feb. 13, 2007, the CBC published the results of an Environics poll. According to this poll, fully 12% of Canadian Muslims said the aborted terrorist plot - that included kidnapping and beheading the Canadian prime minister and blowing up the Parliament and the CBC - was justified. 12% of 700,000 Muslims living in Canada means 84,000 Canadian Muslims support terrorism. On February 25, 2007, the UK Telegraph reported that Eliza Manningham-Buller, the director general of MI5, warned there were more than 1,600 "identified individuals" actively engaged in plotting terrorist attacks. There were 200 known networks [...]

The third alternative is to fight Islam ideologically, before Muslims manage to eliminate public criticism and freedom of speech is lost for ever.
         It is easy to see that the third alternative is the best. If Islam is defeated ideologically, many Musim will turn against it. Ex-Muslims are the best allies the world has in this war. They know the evil of Islam, they know the value of freedom and they are determined to preserve it.

         This would be a win/win war. We win because we convert the enemy into a friend, and out enemy wins over his demons and is set free. There is no need for bloodshed. No bullets are fired. By destroying Islam we will eliminate the source of hate and will lay the foundation for a better world that is based on understanding and unity of mankind. To defeat Islam ideologically we must talk about it openly and allow it to be questioned. Islam cannot stand criticism. It helds together like a house of cards and will fall just as easily. Those who oppose criticism of Islam are the enemy of mankind. These fools try to appease Muslims and by doing so dig their own graves and the graves of Muslims too. Isn't it better to wage this war through dialogue than wait and fight it with bombs? Isn't Neville Chamberlain's legacy of appeasement of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany with his signing of the


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Understanding Muhammad
Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding Czechoslovakia to Hitler enough to know that we must never bend to the demands of bullies?

         Dr. Vaknin says: "The Narcissistic bully very often gets his way ... his misdeeds are overlooked, his misbehaviour tolerated. This is partly because, Narcissist are excellent liars with considerable thespian skills - and partly because no one wants to mess around with a thug, even if his thuggery is limited to words and gestures." [374] - Personality Disorders Narcissism Isn't this how Muslims behave? Arn't their riots, demonstrations and thuggeries designed to intimidate the world into not criticizing them?

         The dabate on Islam has begun, but the truth is hard to find and old beliefs die hard. Islamic apologist such as Karen Armstrong, John Esposito and Edward Said have taken it upon themselves to portray a one-sided and deceptively rosy image of Islam. The mainstream media find this positive image far more convenient to promote. While these misleading, but political correct voices attempt to defend the indefensible, angry Muslims show the true face of Islam with their constant readiness to harrass, intimidate, and assassinate anyone who slights their religion.

         This is a crucial debate. Faith Freedom Intenational (FFI) has been promoting this debate since 2001, while I have doing it since 1998. I hope this book will help expand it. Dialouge, reason and intelligence can defeat Isalm only if they are given a chance. Falshood can survive through brute force and censorship, but it can't survive in a free an open discussion. Lies vanish when confronted with truth, like ice melting in heat.

         To defeat Islam in the political sphere we need public awareness. Politicans are not leaders. They are followers. If the outcry of the from the public is loud enough, someone will step up to make those voices heard.

         This is war. The enemy is an ideology. We must take our gloves off and get tough with our enemy. Let's not be intimidated by its size; Islam stands on a very shaky ground. It rests on nothing but lies. [...]

[374]Narcissism in the Workplace: online conference transcript


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