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li Sina is a Canadian of Iran descent. He received his watered down Islamic education at school during a time when Iran was secular and Islamic revivalism, although simmering beneath the surface, had not yet erupted. Back then, few actually knew the reality of it. He left Iran before the Islamic Revolution in his mid-teens to continue his higher studies in Europe, where he learned about freedom of thought and democracy. Democracy is a concept alien to the Muslim psyche — to the extent that there is no equivalent terminology for it in Arabic or in other languages spoken by Muslims. If they have no word for it, if follows that they cannot conceive it. For Muslims, the rule belongs to Allah.

         After studying the history of the western philosophy and seeing how it had evolved to eventually give birth to Enlightenment, Ali Sina concluded that what ailed the Muslims world is lack of freedom of thought. However, it was only when he read the Qur'an from cover to cover for the first time that he realized the main cause of the backwardness of Muslims is Islam.

         "After reading the Qur'an, I was in shock," says Ali Sina. "I was shocked to see the violence, hate, inaccuracies, scientific errors, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical solecisms and dubious ethical pronouncements in the book of God." After a period of guilt, confusion,


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disillusionment, depression and anger, he accepted the conclusion that the Qur'an was not a book of God, but satanic verses, a hoax, and the product of a sick mind. The experience was like awaking and realizing that what he had been so intensely experiencing thus far was just a dream.

          After studying the sacred Islamic texts, the hadith(traditions) and the Sira(the biography of Muhammad), Ali Sina became convinced that the ills afflicting the Muslim world are caused by Islam and that this religion is a serious threat to mankind. It was then that he decided to launch his counter-jihad. He believes that reforming Islam is immpossible. That Islam is like a brittle stone. You can't mold it, but you can smash it into pieces and pulverize it. Muslims are aware of its vulnerability and that is why they are so intolerant of criticism. "Islam is like a house of cards," he says, "sustained by lies; all it takes to demolish it is to challenge one of those lies holding it together. It is a tall building, erected on quicksand; once you expose its foundation, the sand will wash away and this mighty edifice will fall under its own weight. When asked whether Islam has a future, his response is: "Yes! It belongs in the dustbin of history."

          Ali Sina predicts that Islam will be nothing but a bad memory in a few short decades and that many of us would see the end of it in our own lifetime. "I must admit, I was hesitant making such a statement because I knew many would dismiss it as unrealistic and even foolhardy. Yet the more I thought about it, the more certain I became. Today, many others are also seeing the inevitability of the death of Islam. The whisperings of criticism of Islam are being heard everywhere, both by those who were born within Islam and by others. It is becoming increasingly clear that the problem is not with Muslims and how they interpret Islam but with Islam itself," he says.

          Ali Sina believes that Muslims are primary victims of Islam. "My objective is not just to expose the dangers of Islam, but also to rescue Muslims from this web of lies. I want to save them from blowing up themselves and the world, to realize that mankind is one family, and help them come back to the human race, to prosper and live in peace. I want help establish the unity of Mankind, not by introducing yet another doctrine, which always ends up dividing mankind further, but by exposing and removing the chief doctrine of hate in the world," he says.

          There are many disillusioned Muslims who are confused and can find no answers anywhere. They are ready to leave Islam but they don't know where to turn. They need answers and a support group. Faith Freedom International meets that need. The internet, because it allows anonymity, it is an ideal place for


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apostates to meet, exchange ideas, clear each other's doubts, share experiences, support and affirm one another. Islam would have imploded a long time ago if thinking Muslims had the opportunity to question Islam without fearing for their lives. Islam has survived so far only because it has suppressed all criticisms.
 is read by millions of people across the world. It has become the meeeting ground for those who are concerned about the threat of Islam and want to know what drives some Muslims to this much hate and savagery. Faith Freedom International has grown to become a movement, a grassroots movement of ex-Muslims. Its aims are (a) to unmask Islam and show that it is an imperialistic ideology akin to Nazism, but disguised as religion, and (b) to help Muslims leave it, end this (genocidal 4:89, 9:5) culture of hate 60:4 caused by their "us" vs. "them" ethos 98:6vs.7 and embrace the human race in amity. Faith Freedom International has been defined "a quite global revolution in the making." Many new apostates are made daily and they in turn are becoming soldiers in the struggle of light against darkness and their numbers are growing exponentially. What started as a trickle has become a torrent. "What a wonderful way this war where the enemy becomes your friend and best ally," says Ali Sina.

         Jim Ball, Sydney's No. 1 overnight broadcaster writes: "Ali Sina is the Iranian ex-Muslim behind the website Along with other former Muslims such as Ibn Warraq, Sina is spearheading what maybe the first organized movement of ex-Muslims in Islamic history, made possible during the past ten to fifteen years by Muslim immigration to the West and the growth of the internet....It is no exaggeration to say that if the likes of Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq and Wafa Sultan prevail in the face of the traditional death penalty for leaving Isalm, then Islam will never again be the same."

         Ali Sina is a Secular Humanist and a World Federalist.


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