Beheading Nasr bin al-Hareth in the presence of Mohammed!

This is a miniature from Siyer-i Nebi, an Turkish religious biography of Mohammed completed in 1388 and later lavishly illustrated with 814 miniatures under the reign of Ottoman ruler Murad III, being completed in 1595. Many of the miniatures depict Mohammed, and this particular one shows Ali bin Abu Taleb beheading Nasr bin al-Hareth (or Al-Nadr Bin Al-Harith) in the presence of Mohammed and his companions.

Execution of Al-Nadr bin al-Harith a Meccan poet, who dared to humiliate Muhammad pointing out that his revelations were not new at all (he quoted similar ancient stories).

Muhammad did not forget and did not forgive.

He ordered that Nadr bin al-Harith was to be executed. after the victorious battle of Badr, where Al-Nadr bin al-Harith became Muhammad's captive. (miniature from Siyer-i Nebi, a Turkish religious biography of Mohammed completed in 1388)