death cannot consume me
life cannot oulast me



"Jesus and Muhammad compared"
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Denial of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
An-Nisaa 4 Verse 157
Isa ist the son of Marry (The Cow 2:253 (key ayah: '... And if Allah had willed, they would NOT have fought each other [i.e. offensive jihad 4/74-76, 8/39], but Allah does what He intends.'))
Jesus is the son of God (John 1, 49)

Isa is a prothet (Q. 5:75)
Jesus is the Lord of the prophets (Matthew 22, 45, Luke 2, 11, Philippians 2:5-11)

Isa is a creation (Q. 3:59)
Jesus is the creator (John 1, 3)

Isa had not taste the death, because God has taken him into heaven (Q. Women 4:157)
Jesus tasted the death for all of us (Hebrew 2, 9)
The wrong teaching of Trinity in the quran pipes.gif

"… What does the quran has to say about the Trinity?

According to the Quran (Surah 5:116, 5:73-75) the Christians believe in "three Gods" - Father, Mother, and Son. In contrast, Christianity has always distinctly stated that the Trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This shows the influence of heretical 'Christian' sects in central Arabia at the time of Muhammad. Nowhere in the Bible is the Trinity mentioned as Father, Son and Mother!!

This is the reason Muhammad didn't believe in the Trinity. He thought that we Christians believe Mary to be the 'wife' of God (God forbid) and they got a son called Jesus!! ... what a funny thought is this ...

… Muhammad didn't understand what it means to be called 'the Son of God'. It is just a title given to Jesus to show how he is close to God and how beloved he is my God just as an earthly father loves his son ... Muhammad didn't understand the deep religious and theological meaning of what it means to be called the son/daughter of God. He always thought that son means only delivering baby through a wife!

The author of the quran has miserably failed to understand the deep religious meaning of the Trinity and has corrupted it as Father Mother and Son ...

… Quran doesn't have an answer to everything in this world and the teaching of the trinity in the quran is another example of how corrupted the quran is and how it was written by muhammed's mind not Gabriel or God ..."

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