Massacre of Banu Quraiza

0:55 Robert Spencer "... if the prophet did it (beheadings), so the mujahidin in Iraq who are beheading people are simply obeying the examples of the prophet.

... he (Muhammad) orderd the assassination of his several opponents (two poets - journalists in the time of Muh. - who wrote critcal verses about Muh.), and he behaved in general lika a typical 7th century warlord.
The Problem is, when this is transfered to the 21th century behavior, the 21th context of behavior, then what you get ... are terrorists!"

Beheading kuffar (unbelievers) of Allah's willing executioners (8:12, 47:4, 9:5)

Beheadings of True Pious Muslims (Mujahideen)

Graphic video

2:40 finger-amputating 8:12) & beheading (8:12 + 47:4
Quran 47:4 "smite at their necks" + 8:12 "Smite ye above their necks"
The order from Allah to behead the enemies of him (kuffar, "NIGGER"-word for unbelievers) with a knife/sword/axe

Understanding Muhammad

Overwhelming the Believers

          ... evolution from being a moderate Muslim to becoming a terrorist is gradual and often imperceptible. New converts are of course all moderate. They are first taught the "beauties of Islam." They are told that Islam is an easy religion, a religion of peace, of equality and worship of a single God. They are led to believe that Islam is accepting of other religions, especially Judaism and Christianity that are also monotheistic, and only disagrees with the believers of these religions in what they have corrupted their faith. They are then led to believe that Islam is the only religion that has not been contaminated. Because of that it is the only religion accepted by God. Those who do not believe in Islam reject the truth (deny God) and are doomed sinners. Eventually they are told that the Isa and Musa of the Qur'an are not the same as Jesus and Moses of the Bible. New convert, gradually come to think of people of other faiths as the enemies of Allâh and will start to hate them actively. Then they are taught that only Muslims are brothers to each other and that everyone else is out there trying to "get them".


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When Sane People Follow Insane People
As you become more brainwashed, gradually you develope a sense of victimhood. You lose your own identity. You become an anonymous part of the amorphous ummah, a 'slave of Allâh ...' You start seeing the world differently. The feeling of "us" versus "them" becomes stronger every day. "They" are the evil ones, the detractors and the enemies of God. They are the oppressors and the wrongdoers. Everyone who is not a Muslim, especially your brand of Islam, is part of "them." "Us" are the oppressed ones, the wronged ones and the victims. "Us" are the true believers, the ones that do Allaâ's will and his work. Then you start believing that you have the true faith and the true religion that tells you to fight, to kill these enemies that oppress you and be harsh with them. You are told that Allâh will make you victorious, and will give you an eternity of sensual delights.

          A "moderate Muslim" can become an extremist and terrorist overnight. As long as Muslims believe in Islam, each and every one of them is a potential terrorist. Islam orders its followers to kill non-believers in the name of its god. This holy obligation is unique to Islam. Indeed, Allâh says that he loves the Mujahidin (Muslim fighters) most. They are the best of Muslims. They will inherit the most luscious and erotic eternity in paradise. The "moderate Muslims" are the hypocrites and weak in their religion. Gradual indoctrination is the modus operandi in all cults, where the core truth and the real agenda of the cult is concealed and is spoon-fed to the believers slowly. Hardcore members of cults say one thing to the outside world and another among themselves ..."


          The famous "Verse of the Sword" Qur'an Chapter 9 Verse 5 who abrogated at least 124 peacfully suras The Qur'an's tolerant verses: "canceled" (PDF 1.3 MB) from the beginning of Islam (the first peacfully Mecca verses) when Muhammad was weak and wear a mask to woo new converts. After the battle of Badr, he showed his real hideaous face and abrogated the peacfully verses ("Doctrine of Abrogation" Naskh) through violent suras of Medina (name of Yathrib, called it Medina which is short for Medinatul Nabi, the Prophet's Town)


... continued with the astonishing writings of Ali Sina and convincing evidence in the book "Understanding Muhammad", of the comparison with other cults (e. g. 'People's Temple' of Jim Jones), and why those 'fits like a glove' with Islam, and about why he glorified martyrdom and death on battlefields ... and a lot of other "eye-opening" chapters of the true Islam by Ali Sina, ex-Musim of Iran.

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