(video) Abducted Yazidi boys from IS(2:30) on a suicide mission

Video: Dear Mr. Taliban

'… I will instil terror' 8:12

key ayah, 'That is the recompense of the enemies of Allah (all disbelievers) - the Fire. 4:56 … Our verses, were rejecting.' 41:28

Rational for suicide:

Bukhari 'Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)'
[hegemony 8:39, 48:1-28] … to win 'Paradise' 9:111
'… be martyred ten times because of the  D I G N I T Y  he receives (from Allah)."

abducted-yazidi-boys.jpg 44:54-58 '… (v57) As BOUNTY (v54 '… fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes') from your Lord. That is what is the  G R E A T  ATTAINMENT.'

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