<h1>"<strike>Islam</strike> Koran Awareness Week"</h1>

(end, 1:45) "… or even better, a harted & violence in the Koran Awareness Month, because unlike Islamophobia that's something that really does exist—in black & white—for everyone to read." e.g., 5/38-40

Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer

'Send us a message' -> 'Contact a show' -> 'Hannity' on FOX NEWS

—2:46 "… Turn their claims (of peaceful coexistence, women's rights, …) against them. …"

Muslim student association hosts Islamic awareness week

—2:20 "… 9:29 … —1:40 I thought you guys wanna us to be aware of Islam? Here it is!" (applause)


CAIR Chicago: "Fight Islamophobia"  

Islam is "peace" seller Angela Merkel for trial — hide Article 18 "… combat 4/74-76, 89; 8/8, 39 the free democratic basic order shall forfeit these basic rights." Art. 4(2)
… together with Markus Soeder wants allow Islam education in Bavarian schoolsbetraying all non-Muslim pupils

Challenging Islamophobia

Counter Islamophobic Behavior

Islamophobia is 'Bread & Butter' for CAIR

Isalmorealism: divine "law" 5/48 wants supersede 8/8, 39 "wicked" 8/37, 55 man-made laws

EQUAL rights is an alien concept for Allah, e.g. "beat them" 4/34 … into women's shelters (only for 'fear' of disobedience)

Qur'an quote for International Women's Day

Allah's magic word: "obey",
Sahih Internatinal: "We hear and we obey." And those are the successful. 24/51

Allah, the demon

— Q. 10:4 “… draughts of boiling fluids… because they did R E J E C T Him.”

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