'Lopping Off Heads'

(video) Devout Muslim Shek Feiz—convert of Australia

"wahabbi means NOTHING...."

–1:55 "– the first rightous generation Bukhari hadith 819, 437 are ALL Wahabis"

–6:10 "… it's a meaningless appellation (title)"

–5:30 "… (wahabbi) used by who? The people of novelty … of innovation
(e.g. The West, "wishy-washy" Muslims)
to slander or insult our fend does that strictly uphold unconditionally the word of Allah to heaven"
(why "to" and not "in heaven?")

—Those who are strict in accordance to the Qur'an & Sunna are allways called … Wahabbis!"

–4:45 "… Who (& why) introduce this word (wahabbi) ?
The Brits ... the British

This is no more than a British conspiracy against the Musims & Islam"

They (British) wanted to call FRICTION … DISUNITY … between whom??? THE MUSLIMS … BEWEEN THE MUSLIMS

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