“Where Should I Head To?” by Ali Sina
You will find good teachings in any cult. False prophets mix good things and bad things to deceive people (3:54, 8:30). If they only preach evil no one will believe in them. Even Jim Jones and Charles Manson had good teachings. A person who claims to come from God must not have any bad teaching nor should he commit any crime. All it takes to disqualify a person as a messenger of God is one error, one lie or one bad conduct. Muhammad had thousands of them and he committed horrendous crimes….”

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Picture from: Islamic Depictions of Mohammed with Face Hidden

This is a miniature from Siyer-i Nebi, a Turkish religious biography of Mohammed completed in 1388 and later lavishly illustrated with 814 miniatures under the reign of Ottoman ruler Murad III, being completed in 1595. Many of the miniatures depict Mohammed, and this particular one shows Ali bin Abu Taleb beheading Nasr bin al-Hareth in the presence of Mohammed and his companions.