(video) "Called to Battle for Truth"


By Pastor Dr. Terry Jones

–1 min "… it has Shari'ah Law
"—to Supreme (8:39, 9:33) legislator Allah 5:48 '… For each We have appointed a DIVINE(shari'ah]LAW')"

–0:35 min The so-called "honor" killings (dishonor murders) are very Islamic (shari'ah law o2.4)


Chapter Introduction "Called to Battle for Truth"

Page vii

Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
THE WORLD IS FACING A great danger, which, if it is not stopped will sooner or later be a threat to freedom in all nations and specifically to the Unitied States. This danger is the growing religion of Islam. Although Islam proclaims to be the truth, it does not, as Jesus said of the truth in John 8:32, set people free. Instead, it oppresses and kills. [...]

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[...] People do not want to be confronted with the truth, but that does not make the truth any less true!

      Corporal John Travis Popowich was assigned to 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment Weapons Company 0331 Infantry. He was wounded on April 9, 2004, during Opereation Iraqi Freedom in the Anbar Province of Fallujah, Iraq. Her received the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon (in lieu of secound star), Presidential Unit Citation, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Operation Iraqi Freedom Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Sevice Medal, and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Corporal Popowich wrote the following statements in a e-mail to us: "I served in the United States Marine Corp for four years. I have seen firsthand the true nature of the Islamic religion."

      Do you understand what the words true nature mean? Do you understand what firsthand means? It means that he he was there. He was not sitting in the university classroom or picketing in the streets. He was not expressing a theory in his head, but he had seen the true nature of the Islamic religion firsthand. He had witnessed the brutality of the Islamic religion. He wrote, "I have watched women beaten [4:34], tortured, stoned, and killed for numerous Islamic petty laws that had been broken." That is what he saw.

      Corporal Popowich saw the true nature of Islam, not the appearance of peace and tolerance that is presented here in the United States. He saw the true nature that can be seen in every country that is dominated by the Islamic religion. I believe that if we would have the kind of experience he had, we would reach the point where we would take a stand against the danger of Islam. We would set aside fear and stand together against this evil.

      By putting up a sign to warn against the danger of Islam, we are encouraging churches to stand up and, in love, speak the truth and only the truth. Only the truth will set us free, and we as Christians must not hide it. The church has lost its radicalness, and it is mocked worldwide. Islam is knocking at the door, trying to steal our freedom! It is not too late to stand against it, but it will be soon if the church does not take her position and respond to the call of God! [...]

(islamisofthedevil.com has been censored in the "free" country USA,
only for quoting the Quran. Thanks also to the gutless & coward leftist mainstream media --- Pamela Geller "The problem is, that truth is the new hate speech")

Stand Up for America!




Part 1
The Danger of Islam

  1   Taking a Stand for the Truth
  2   The Roots of Islam
  3   The Spiritual Characteristics of Islam
  4   A Masquerade of Peace and Tolerance
  5   The Vision of Islam
  6   The Spirit of the Antichrist
  7   What Would Jesus Say about Islam?


Part II:
Who is the Head of Today's Church?

  8   The Church Must Take Action
  9   The Apostolic Church
10   The Overcoming Church
11   The Persecuted Church
12   Stories Given for Our Learning
13   The Church and the Government
14   The Cost of Freedom
        Appendix A: The Contrast Between
              Jesus Christ and Mohammed
        Appendix B: Muslim Claims About the Quran
        Appendix C: Blatant Errors in the Quran



The Qur’an pure Hate

key ayah 60:4 "… arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever,- unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone" '