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'Ich will, dass die Leute Reflektieren'

by (brainwashing school kids¬) #NichtEgal!, (very dangerous goody two-shoes) 'Klein aber Hannah'

'Dr. Franziska Giffey (Strafanzeige, noch offen, PDF-doc 250 KB -> certified mail with return receipt: back view + front view) Bundesministerin für … JugendImage Video: Schirmherrin (& Monster–Entschuldigerin) von #NichtEgal'

Hater & bigot 2:7-10 no. 1 orders,

"… Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful." 1:1, "… kill them wherevery your find them" 2:191 (jihad against Spain & Israel, and 'in general' for 'victory' 9/14 & 'conquest' 48:1-28, 2:193, 8:12-17, 8:39, 9:29-33, 61:4-9), 4:89, 9:5 (as mafia godfather's 'test' 8:17, 9:14-15, 21/35)

Tolerant, "… amputate their hands" 5:38-40, "lash them" 24:2, … to His "law" 5/48 (prescribed for all, non- & Muslims) … of His "perfected Religion" 5/3 (reforming impoSSible!)


–0:40 "… Ich bin FÜR die Meinungsfreiheit™ — aber bitte KEINE Hater-Kommentare"

Hater & genocide #1 denies the right to exist for ex-Muslims, '… kill them wherever you find them' as unbelievers 'in genral' 9:5 4:89

Coward, 'beat them' 4:34


"… are standing in your place …."


#NichtEgal YouTube

iSSlam in a nutshell, "… enemies of Allah … of Our verses, were rejecting." 41:28 -> human butcher 5:33

"It is not for a prophet to have captives [of war 4/74-76, 8/39, 9/29..] until he inflicts a massacre [upon Allah's enemies 41/28] in the land. …." 8/67
"The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS" by Robert Spencer


Video: Islamic 'Terror' 8/12-17 is as Old as Islam Itself

Qur'an in action 8:12, 47:4

4:20 Radio host, "… Jihad, I think it means 'holy war' …"
Jihad 2:216 in a nutshell: '… who SELL the life' 4:74-76 … to win 'Paradise' '… PURCHASED from the believers their lives' 9:111

'(v44) And if Muhammad had made up about Us some [FALSE] sayings, … CUTAORTA' 69/44 -> '… I feel as my AORTA is being CUT from that poison.' Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim ALLAH'S PROOF!! THAT HIS KORAN IS FALSE:

'… The so called MODERATE Muslims are indeed hypocrites. If they do not believe in the violence preached in the Qur'an, WHY DO THEY CALL THEMSELVES MUSLIMS? ….' Ali Sina, Dr (ex-Muslim, 4/89)


Destroy the Qur-ân, or be destroyed by it!

Show Isslam no respect. It's all about the Koran, stupid kafir.

4:89 '… (and kill them wherever you find them) in the Sacred Precinct or anywhere else ….' 9:5 '… then fight and kill 4:74-76 'sell the life' -> 'purchased … their lives' 9:111 the idolators wherever you may find them … means, on the earth in general … This way, they 41:28 will have no choice, but to die 5:33 or embrace Islam ….' convert as 'slaves (denies the father)' 53:10, or submit 9:29 under 'DIVINE law' 5:48

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