… after decapitating 8:12-14 —burning FOREVER in Hell 4:56 as 'wicked' 8:37 disbelievers, the 'enemies of Allah' 41:28


Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) — A non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam.

link-icon_pdf_05.png (Print) "A Complete Guide to Pedophile in Islam" (168 KB) "… We must reach the Muslim youth before the Jihadists reach them"

… The Quran allows pedophilia[Q65:4]. Though there is NO verse that clearly PROMOTE pedophilia"


The Voice of the Voiceless

Michael Savage Radio Host & "New York Times" Bestseller Author of San Francisco

—3:14 "… cut off anyone's head who doesn't agree with you"

48:29 "And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves"

fatwa No. 12708 "… and for those who have no courses [(i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is three months likewise

[al-Talaaq 65:4] …"

"Sharia, Child Brides & Child Abuse" … only following the Khayru-l-Khalq (the Best of Creation) & excellent example (33:21) Muhammad 54 sex with the little girl Aisha 8 (9 lunar years), who played after her sex with dolls … girls in puperty do not play with dolls!!!

Allah allows sex with pre-puberty kids!

No 'iddah (also for Pre-Puberty Kids)
when you do not thouched them (in a sexual way)
Qur'an Al-Ahzab 33 Verse 49

'iddah for Pre-Puberty Kids
when you have touched them (in a sexual way)
Qur'an 65:4, At-Talaq (Divorce)

… Muhammad and "Peace and Love" do not Mix Sir. Its like trying to mix oil and water. It does not work. Does "Jihad" tell you of any Peace and Love?….