Blood for blood

(video) True Muslim Shekh Feiz of Australia

Execution for Apostasy Q.4:89

Devout Muslim

"… And We rained down on them ('people of Lut' homosexuals) a shower (of brimstone)" Q.7:80-84
Rajam, Islamic stoning to DEATH

2:08 "Execution for Apostasy … chop his head off (Q. 4:89) …. stoning homosexuals (Q. 7:80-84)"

4:89 “…But if they turn renegades ("reject faith", leave Islam), seize them and SLAY THEM wherever ye find them”
4.88-9 (Hilali-Khan)…. Comment: Ali Sina This verse is a command to slay apostates. “emigrate in the way of Allah” (Arabic: “yuhajiroo fee sabili Allahi”, transliterated: “make Hijra in the way of Allah”) means; interpreting “hijra” in its spiritual sense, to “become Muslim” and thus people who “turn back” are turning back or away from Islam — i.e. becoming apostate….

Death for Apostasy (4:89, Bukhari & fatwas)