"Speak Good … or Remain Silent"

Muslim robot "slaves" 53:10 want to destroy free speech & criticism of Islam

… to Qur’an 9:12 "… break their oaths after their treaty (peace treaty, live under Islamic security with paying 'jizyah', protection money 9:29) and defame your religion then fight 9:5, 29 the leaders of disbelive", i.e. "crucifixion" 5:33, "enemies of Allah" 41:28


"… Falshood can survive through brute force and censorship, but it can't survive in a free an open discussion. Lies vanish when confronted with truth, like ice melting in heat. To defeat Islam in the political sphere we need public awareness. Politicans are not leaders. They are followers. If the outcry of the from the public is loud enough, someone will step up to make those voices heard. This is war. The enemy is an ideology. We must take our gloves off and get tough with our enemy. Let's not be intimidated by its size; Islam stands on a very shaky ground. It rests on nothing but lies. …"Ali Sina

Allah, the coward sadist & beast

— Q. 4:56, 22:19, 10:4 “… draughts of boiling fluids… because they did R E J E C T Him.”

"… enemies of Allah … of Our verses, were rejecting." 41:28 -> human butcher 5:33

The Qur'an

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