Cruel Punisher Allah, Q4:56

4 Jan 2016,

(video) Islamic Terrorism

Six terror verses of terrorist no. 1 Allah

VIDEO: "… He tells people to USE terror Qur'an 8:60 …"


4. Jan 2016, 'Political Correctness Toward Islam'

1 min … is his job to protect the United States, or to defend a certain religion?

… They should call it Islamic terrorism … Quoting Islamic texts (e.g. Qur'an, ahadith Sahih) … and the goal is to achieve victory of Isalm (i.e. World domination, 'in Allah's cause' Q8:39, 9:33) at the end … and those who die for the sake of Allah are martyrs (suicide bombers Q9:111, Bukhari, Book of Jihad, hadith 72-3) and He (Allah) rewards them for that (Q4:74, 95) they do not hide their goals. It's everywhere in videos and their statements

… In fact the President of the United States Mr. Obama takes the role of a mufti when he denies ISIS allegiance to Islam … even Al-Azhar (University) in Egypt couldn't do that. Top of Al-Azhar scholars couldn't say that ISIS members are  N O T  Muslim.

But politicians like Mr. Obama did. They think they know Islam better than Al-Azahr scholars. This is TOO much. This is INSANE. Political correctness will DESTROY the West. We have to END it. This wave of terrorism is an Islamic terrorism. And Islam is responsible for it (e.g. Allah, Q8:12-4, 60)."