The Killing Fields of Mosul Iraq ISIS June 2014

Q61:4 "Truly Allah LOVES those who fight in His Cause in battle array" for world DOMINTATION, 61:8-9, 8:39, 9:33 "… to PREvail over all religions"
… to establish "one nation" 11:118 "And if thy Lord had willed, He verily would have made mankind one nation[Khilafah], yet they cease not differing,", 5:48 "… For each We have appointed a DIVINE [shari'ah] law … Had Allah willed He could have made you ONE community[caliphate, ummah]. But that He may TRY[TEST] you … "

Q8:17 "It is not ye who KILL them; it was Allah … He might TEST the Believers" — Mafia godfather 40:2 takes also the bad conscience away from His believers

Iraqi Shiits—worship their first caliph Ali BESIDE[absolute NO-GO!] Allah = shirk—will NOT be seen as Muslims from the Sunnis(point to Sunnah = ahadith[narratives] Sahih['sound', 'reliable'] Bukhari & Muslim & Sira[bio of Muh.])—ONLY as apostates, SLAYer#1, Q4:88-9 "SLAY them wherever ye find them"

… from (video) In the Name of God (9:111)

ISSlam is hardcore politic!

HORROR#1 Muhammad's "best example" Q33:21 in Bukhari "Punishment of Disbelievers (automatically) at War with Allah and His Apostle" No. 794 "Some people from the tribe of 'Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam [embrace only as so-called "Hypocrites" Q.33:23,24 fear of being killed, Q9:5]. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine). They did so, and after they had recovered from their ailment (became healthy) they turned renegades (reverted from Islam [Allah, Qgenocide, 4:88-89 "kill them wherever you find them"]) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the camels away. The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophets ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should NOT be cauterized, till they die."