Q. 5:39 Thieves who repent (Tawbah Nasuh) must still be punished

... to Sahih Bukhari & the greatest Qur'anic commentator Ibn Kathir, Tafsir 5:38-40 Page 118-122 of Part 6 of 30
"… repentance should be at a time (not before the law) when repentance may be accepted" link-icon_pdf_05.png 20 KB

"(40) ... He(Allah) punisheth (cf. 5/38, 24/2) whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth: and Allah hath power over ALL things."


(Chapter 25) Greater Sin: Stealing

The coward(8:17) sadist(e.g. 4:56) Allah, Qur'an 5:38 "(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS" vs. German Constitution Art. 2, 2 "Everybody has the right to life and PHYSICAL INTEGRITY"

Dr. Bilal Philips ban in 2012 to enter Germany mail.gif for his extremist Allah's (i.e. Quran) views

2:25 Min "… So we say, if the price for the safety of a society (5:38, deterrent effect) — then we will take his hand ... It is a miracle of Allah"

2 Min "… adultary" Allah, Q. 24:2 (rape victims, 24:4, 13)

2:55 Min "… Jesus Christ , 'plug out your eye ...' " (not to be taken literally)

3 Min "… there are rules"(?)
Fabricated rules! "professional thieves who are trained for stealing" are not mentioned in Allah's Quran 5:38!

When a little kid steal in a supermarket a candy bar (about 50 cent),
to the evil law of the sadist Allah, his hand will be cut off.


"human" Shari'ah law: Chapter o14.0 THE PENALTY FOR THEFT (with graphic video)

A thief has turned away from Allah, i.e. become an apostate, and has "poisoned" his body link-icon_pdf_05.png 60 KB. The thief's hand has to be CUT OFF to "clean" his body" to "turn (again) to Allah" — Only by "sincere repentance link-icon_pdf_05.png 185 KB afterwards" (Bukhari, Tafsir 5:39 Ibn Kathir), or "before being taken to the Imam" (Tafsir 5:39 Jalalayn) & further obeying Allah

… He, the coward sadist Allah will turn then to the thief (went away from Allah) in "foregiveness"

After being catched, no one will believe that the repentance is meant honestly, instead of only avoiding the sadistical punishment

Tafsir Jalalayn 5:39 link-icon_pdf_05.png 100 KB

What part of this barbaric & sadistic verse direct from Allah, Q.5:38 "(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS"
is "misunderstood?" — That it means only, Allah celebrate a coffee party with the thieves!?

Q. 5:39 could it be … but thieves who repent, i.e. "afterwards" the handcutting for ‘cleaning’ the body (Bukhari), must still be punished:
Bukhari, Book 81, Number 792, 778 & 779
Muslim, Book 17, Number 4187 - 4189, Abu Dawood Book 38, Number 4367 (cf. 4367), 4382
"Allah sent down the verse in Surah Al-Ma'idah, 5:39 … (Bukhari Book 59, No. 597) Aishah said, 'Her (al-Makhzūmijja) repentance was sincere afterwards" — Tafsir Ibn Kathir link-icon_pdf_05.png 1 MB


The "religion" Islam is not practicable only by the Quran;
only the "what" in it (i.e. uncompleted soliloquy with Allah, e.g. Q. 5:39)
The "when" (e.g. the repentance of handcutting, 5:38: … Abu Abdullah said: "If a thief repents AFTER his hand has been cut off, the(n) his witness well be accepted." or, 5 times prayers (Salat) — reduced from 50 & 15)
and "how" (e.g. to die e.g. as a martyr, Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 52, #72)
are only mentioned in the hadiths

Q. 59:7 Allah refers Muslims to take Mohammed's EXAMPLE, which only comes through HIS HADITHS (ahadih Sahih)