"… standing in your place"

Stealth Jihad Exposed in America

Islamic concepts misunderstood by Westerners


(video) Islamophobia vs. 5:38 "(thieves) cut off his or her hands"

Islamophobia? (i.e. baseless fear of Islam) Islamorealism!

2 Min Warfare against non-Muslims until the world is "cleaned" for Islam

3 Min "… There is no 'moderate' Islam. There is no 'radical' Islam.
There is just Islam and the Quran"

3:30 "… They (Muslims) are the nicest people in the room. The Muslim Brotherhood is run by terrorists in suits"

1:20 Min "… We are not in war with Islam
BUT Islam is at war with us"

‘…Islam is at war with Kafirs (kuffar), and Kafirs are trying to “nice” their way out of destruction. Islam is at war, we are at nice. Mohammed has a dream that is coming true while we sleep.’

Motto of the Western political élite:

"If you can't beat Islam — join them!"

(appeasement like Neville Chamberlain in Adolf Nazi's time)
…or will not — for their valuable Muslim votes



Allah’s war covenant with the Muslims

"… Sword-jihad is a religious obligation laid on Muslims by Allah (2:216). Allah buys the Muslims’ souls as his slaves (9:111) to perform relentless (47:35) sword-jihad against non-Muslims until all non-Muslims are vanquished (3:139, 47:35). In recompense for the risks of war, Allah promises that the Mujahideen (Bukhari Book 52, No. 72; No. 50, 51 53) will have a great reward (4:74, 4:95 4:76). This “great reward” is multi-faceted: Allah guarantees absolution from all sins (including, implicitly, war-crimes) and immunity from hell (61:10-13). Furthermore, those that die during sword-jihad are guaranteed entry to paradise immediately (3:195) whereas those that survive will get war-booty (4:74) eventually equalling all the wealth of the world (48:20-21) and guaranteed entry to paradise on their deaths. Allah also promises quick victories (61:10-13).

This agreement is seen as a (holy) covenant between Allah and the Muslims (33:15,23). …"

9:111 "slay (98:6) and are slain (98:7)" for promised paradise "… that is the achievement supreme."
… which fulfills 9:5 + 9:29

Destroy the Qur-ân, or be destroyed by it!

2:216 "Fighting is prescribed upon you"

Video: “AGHET - The Genocide of Armenians”

True Muslims (Ottoman Empire) [Forced Conversion] who killed childeren in the Armenian genocide (1.5 milllion) --- for refusing to pay jizyah (protection poll tax, 9:29) anylonger

...or the real Bosnian genocide Tortured women, children and men by true Muslims cache, … watch at your own risk! (pdf 2.2 MB)

Online again: http://real-bosnian-genocide.blogspot.com/


Bosnia: A War Story .... More Back-up Debunking the Big Lies

Page 34 “…The Truth is Muhammad allowed killing children during night raids”

(never mind) “They are among them” [belong to them] (unbelievers, polytheists)

Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4321, 4322 and 4323

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The Children, the children…. Iran cleric: Killing Israeli children OK