18 Dec 2015,

VIDEO: Muslim schoolgirl explaining 'Islamophobia'

18 Dec 2015: Daily Mirror "Muslim schoolgirl’s passionate speech about Islamophobia goes viral after bullies ‘blame sister for Paris attacks’

“My message is that terrorism has no religion, Islam is not the face of terrorism and Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism,” she said

Isra Mohammed, 15, gave the five-minute assembly to all 1,900 pupils at Kenton School in Newcastle explaining (i.e. baloney taqiyyah 'deceit' Q[video]3:28 blabber with NO references!) how her religion is one of peace™. …"

allah'SS DIRECT imperative: 4:89 '… KILL THEM (who 'turn away', leaving iSSlam) wherever ye find them'
SO MUCH for your "Tolerance!" … of the 'religion' of bigots!


–5:50 "… I am Muslim, and I am PROUD."

–5:00 "… (girls) have no rights, have no freedom — but we do. Look at ME for example (why not to the Qur'an?). I'm Muslim. I'm a girl. By the way headscarf—I am free to wear one."

–3:50 '… But what is ISIS? ISIS is a terrorist organization.'

–2:45 '…most of ISIS victims are Muslims' who betray Allah 5:33, are apostates 4:89

–2:35 '… whoever kills an innocent person (NO kafir/unbeliever is innocent, 'IMpure' 8:37, 55; 98:6) as if they killed all mankind' [2nd video] cf. Qur'an 5:32, [hides] but only for Jews, for Muslims 5:33

Her companions in America & Canada

(end) "… What can we do about it? … we can be fair with one another, and remember, when you tell someone you are a terrorist, because of your 'religion' - IS A 'HATE(red' 60:4) CRIME!! AND YOU HAVE TO REPORT IT" … to Muslim Council of Britain, 'Report an incident' CAIR in America, NCCM in Canada

'… "Islamophobia" is its bread and butter.'

–4:30 '… We have 5 pillars' And a hidden 6th pillar the Jihad [4:95, 9:5, 9:29 fulfills in 9:111] which is holy war (hidden, because only TEMPORARY till 'religion' 'is ONLY for Allah' 8:39, 9:33)

VS ex-Muslim Nabeel Qreshi

VIDEO: Paris attacks - a response from Nabeel Qreshi

–2:35 min '… Did these terrorists actually represent Islam?

The fact of the matter is: they follow Muhammad quite literally:

… He has come to BRING terror Sahih Bukhari, Book of Jihad, Hadith 220
He tells people to USE terror Qur’an 8:60
… I will expel the Jews & Christians from the Arabian Peninsula Sahih Muslim, Book of Jihad, Hadith 4366
I will fight against the people until they TESTFY the Shahada (Islamic creed)
and ONLY then will their property and persons be SAVED from me Sahih Bukhari, Book of Belief, Hadith 25'
& Allah’s key aya 9:29

4. Jan 2016, 'Political Correctness Toward Islam'